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Want to know how you can roll with This is College and be part of our team? Here you will find a multitude of opportunities to join our crew. Our reach is constantly expanding and will have even more job opportunities in the near future. Take a look below at what we can do for you! I’M ALL IN

Merchandise Affiliate Program

Here you can find yourself making some serious money if pulled off correctly. By being a member you get 20% of all commission on sales you make! We will track the amount of sales you make based on the coupon code that was put in when a sale was made. This is a great way to make some extra cash and gain some free merch! This includes social media promotion (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, SnapChat etc) and word of mouth! Note that all sales must be marked with your code or promo link! We will give you all the resources you need for all types of merchandise promotion.

Event Promoter Program

As a TIC event promoter, you basically get paid to party! What’s better than that? We really pride ourselves in having the most unforgettable parties where everyone can let loose and have a truly unique experience. We are seeking highly driven individuals that can help execute all aspects of event promotion, both digital and physical. No experience is needed. You sell tickets, and make commission off each ticket sold. The higher the sales the higher you get paid! Some of our promoters have gotten paid upwards of $500 plus a bonus.

Blogger Program

Here we are looking for anybody and everybody who enjoys writing about whatever they want. We are taking a different approach to blogging. Professional or not, we need you! Here’s an opportunity if you would like to get your name out there in any way. We’re really looking for individuals who want to voice their opinion, or just speak their mind. You can choose to go anonymous if you like, but there are very little limitations to our blog. Write about your time in college, your experiences, sports teams, music, what type of coffee you like or don’t like. Absolutely anything and everything is welcome.

We offer college writing internships under this program. You may be eligible for college credits!


  • You must know how to write! That’s all. Be Creative
  • Must be willing to write 1 article per week; each article being at least 1000 words in length.
  • Must be able to submit all assigned work on time each week.


As an editorial intern, you will be responsible for:

  • Writing a range of lifestyle and location-specific articles (fashion, beauty, home decor, college life, food trending content, etc.)
  • Build journalism and writing experience
  • Build your portfolio by having your own articles published and promoted to thousands of readers (We will help You!)
  • Build Search Engine Optimization experience and learn how to optimize articles for SEO (We will Help You)
  • Build social media marketing experience and learn how to optimize articles for social media networks • Earn academic credit. Job Type: Internship Additional Information All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines


Pretty much have fun, take it seriously and be yourself!



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